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Illustration of excess body weight

Reversing Diabetes: Fact or Fiction? - Week 2 Key Points

What will you see in week 2? A look at the pathophysiology of excess body weight.

Firstly, what are the links between body weight and type 2 diabetes?

There are short summaries describing what happens in the body, and what goes wrong. You can also go more indepth with a short lecture discussing body weight, insulin resistance and its role in disease.

How do we know what happens in the body?

We look at the evidence around type 2 diabetes reversal, and how this has helped our understanding of what goes wrong.

Does everyone respond the same?

We also consider if everyone has the same response to body weight gain and loss, and you can join in the debate.

We hope you enjoy week 2

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Reversing Diabetes: Fact or Fiction?

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