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Sustainable Development Goals

The global agreement on the goal and targets of education has been formally in place since September 2015.

As it became clear that the Millennium Development Goals were not going to be achieved by 2015, new Sustainable Development Goals were developed and agreed internationally.

One of the differences between these new goals and the Millennium Development Goals is that the aim – to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning by 2030 – is a global target for all nations. The Millennium Development Goals were focused on developing countries achieving Universal Primary Education. The next section of this course will consider how people are taking the ideas in the legislation and making them work at national and local level.

Read about the UN Sustainable Development Goal for Education.

To what extent do you think the goal for education is universal?

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You can read: Talk by the President of the British Association of International and Comparative Education, Professor Kenneth King “The Global Targeting of Education and Skill: Policy History and Comparative Perspectives”

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