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A dog-like robot and a group of tiny robots which work in a swarm
Meet 'Miro' and the 'Kilobots'

Meet next week's robots

This week, we’ve been introduced to our resident drones, a youBot and a pioneer robot who have all helped to demonstrate how researchers are developing robots that can sense, map and react to their environment.

Next week, you’ll meet our ‘kilobots’, a swarm of tiny robots that can work together to achieve a common goal. The kilobots will help to demonstrate our theme for next week ‘learning from nature’. The design of these robots was inspired by animal swarms who successfully work together without the need of a manager or a plan!

Towards the end of the week, you’ll also meet ‘Miro’ a dog-like robot who reacts to touch and sound. ‘Miro’ is being developed by the Psychology department here at Sheffield to demonstrate the potential use of bio-inspired robots in therapy.

How have you found this first week? Use the comments to let us know how are you finding the course so far. Were there any topics that need further explanation? Is there anything further you would like to discuss about Week 1?

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