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Considering daily review in terms of the whole learning process

In supporting students to build their understanding, being aware of students’ prior knowledge is important for a teacher, because this is the foundation on which the students’ new knowledge will build.

Daily review may also be important, therefore, as a means to identify students’ prior knowledge (which may be different to the knowledge that has been taught) and so to indicate where and how building knowledge might resume (e.g. where additional support is needed).

A scientific understanding of the learning processes underlying daily review can contribute to its successful implementation. For example:

  • Daily review might benefit from using novel contexts and examples.
  • Daily review might pay particular attention to knowledge that will soon be built upon.
  • Given the role of sleep in consolidation, morning review of the previous day’s learning may be more meaningful for informing the teacher than end-of-day review of the same day’s learning.
  • Review may benefit from an environment that diminishes anxiety and attracts the full engagement of the student (with praise, game-like rewards, etc).

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