Q&A session with course educators

The question and answer (Q&A) sessions on courses from the National STEM Learning Centre provide you with the opportunity to ask more about the course content and issues from your own classroom practice.

Thank you for your questions. We recorded the Q&A session on 17 February. A transcript is currently being processed.


  • 00.30 - Learning in a second language
  • 02.55 - Sharing good practice
  • 07.48 - Continuous learning
  • 11.22 - Physical learning environment
  • 15.31 - Working memory limits
  • 22.24 - Explicit memory
  • 24.49 - Balancing different teaching styles from different teachers
  • 30.46 - Supporting students without 1:1 interaction
  • 33.38 - Difference between learning styles and modality
  • 40.38 - Multiple intelligences theory
  • 45.49 - Extrinsic and intrinsic rewards
  • 53.10 - Unlearning negative beliefs and experiences
  • 56.30 - Shared attention and group work

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