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Continuing your professional development

Now you have completed the course and your self-audit task, you’ll have a clearer idea of how you have progressed so far and how to take your learning from this course and your professional development forward.

In the comments for this step, we’d like you to share an action plan about what you will do next in your professional development.


  1. What you will do differently in the next week.
  2. What you will do differently in over the next three months.
  3. What you will do differently over the next year.

Recognition from STEM Learning

If you have successfully completed the course and earned a certificate (either through upgrading or perhaps you have an have an Unlimited subscription), you can get recognition from STEM Learning for your professional development on this course. STEM Certificates digital badges give you a place to present your CPD with STEM Learning, showing the outcomes of courses and time spent on your professional development. Simply send a digital copy of your FutureLearn certificate as proof of completion to awards@stem.org.uk. You will need a free STEM Learning account before you submit proof of completion.

Continuing your professional development with the National STEM Learning Centre

Watch the video below to learn about the STEM Learning Impact Journey: our approach to supporting your continuing professional development as a teacher, teaching assistant or technician.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

Online CPD

This course is one of many provided by the National STEM Learning Centre specifically for teachers and other professionals working in education.

Our course on Managing Behaviour for Learning may be particularly interesting to you after completing this course. We would be keen to hear how you link the concepts of both courses together in your practice.

To go further with ideas on questioning techniques, take part in Assessment for Learning and Differentiating for Learning, both led by Dylan Wiliam, Chris Harrison and Andrea Mapplebeck.

Take a look at our program of courses for Teaching Practical Science and our Teaching Primary Science: Getting Started course.

At the National STEM Learning Centre

The National STEM Learning Centre located in York, UK, offers high quality, affordable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers and technicians working with pupils aged 5 to 19 in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Our professional development is proven to make a real difference to individual teachers, departments, schools and colleges, and ultimately to students’ learning. 99% of participants on our intensive CPD at York reported an impact on their practice, with 96% reporting an impact on their pupils, and 97% an impact in their school more widely.

CPD is made affordable through Project ENTHUSE and ENTHUSE Bursary which are available for many of our CPD activities, and can be used towards the cost of CPD fees, expenses and resources. ENTHUSE Bursary is available to individuals from all UK state funded schools, including maintained schools, academies and free schools.

Browse our full CPD programme or contact us to assess your needs.

It would be great to meet some of you on our high impact residential CPD which can further transform your practice.

Join STEM Groups to connect with other teachers

The online community groups from the National STEM Learning Centre offer free support for STEM educators. Use the discussion groups to get information, advice and share good practice. Read resource reviews by teachers and submit your own comments.

Free online teaching and learning resources

The National STEM Learning Centre’s website houses the largest open collection of resources for teachers of science, design and technology, engineering and mathematics in the UK.

Alongside contemporary resource materials including print, multimedia and practical resources, is an archive collection which showcases several decades of curriculum development. Resources for use with early years to post-16 students are freely available.

We look forward to seeing you again soon

Thank you for participating in this course. We look forward to you joining us on another course from the National STEM Learning Centre soon.

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