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The Course Team

This course is run jointly by the University of Edinburgh and Cardiff University.

The course conveners are Dr Alan Convery, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Edinburgh, and Prof Roger Scully, Professor of Political Science at Cardiff University.

They are assisted by two teaching assistants, Anthony Salamone and Francesco Bertoldi, both PhD Candidates in Politics at the University of Edinburgh.

Also assisting on the course from Cardiff University are Prof Richard Wyn Jones, Director of the Wales Governance Centre, Lleu Williams, Wales Governance Centre Manager, and PhD Candidates Jac Larner, Nye Davies and Steffan Evans.

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Dr Alan Convery

Prof Roger Scully

Anthony Salamone

Francesco Bertoldi

Prof Richard Wyn Jones

Lleu Williams

Jac Larner

Nye Davies

Steffan Evans

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