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Mezzanine Level inside the Senedd (Welsh Assembly Building) with Chairs on the Left and Wooden Spiral Architectural Feature on the Right

Welsh Manifestos Podcast

All the party manifestos in Wales have now been published. These manifestos give you an idea of each party’s vision for the next five years, if they were to form the next Welsh Government.

Links to the manifestos are available underneath each party video in Week 2, Steps 2.8 - 2.13. They also discuss in more depth some of the issues that haven’t been covered by the course, such as the environment, agriculture and transport.

Our colleagues over at the Institute of Welsh Affairs have recently recorded a podcast discussing these party manifestos. The IWA podcast looks at the big issues, questions quantity over quality and examines the early lines drawn in the sand ahead of potential coalition talks. The IWA’s Jess Blair is joined by Daran Hill of Positif and Rhodri Evans of FSB Wales.

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