Skip to 0 minutes and 4 secondsSo Plaid Cymru a bit of a mixed bag, I think. One obvious resounding success, Leanne Woods's striking victory in the Rhondda. Other than that, if you look at the constituencies, it seems very much a tale of missed opportunities. Llanelli narrowly lost again. Aberconwy narrowly lost, one or two other seats. Even Camarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, the party actually going backwards. Some seats which they held previously they continue to hold. For instance, Camarthen East and Dinefwr, Plaid increased their majority significantly. The big, I suppose, strategic success for Plaid is that they've re-established themselves as the second party in the National Assembly. The last assembly election was the first time they come third.

Skip to 0 minutes and 52 secondsThis time round, they've had at least small increases in their votes.

Skip to 0 minutes and 59 secondsThey've increased their number of seats, if only slightly, and overtaken the Conservatives who have fallen back. So certainly not a resounding success for Plaid Cymru, but clearly a move forward. And they've re-established themselves as the main opposition party to Labour in the National Assembly.

Election Review - Plaid Cymru

Roger Scully reviews the election performance of Plaid Cymru.

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