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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 secondsI think there is no easy way to say this. This was a pretty dreadful election for the Welsh Conservatives. They started the campaign two or three months ago with very high expectations. They had increased their vote share and seat numbers at every one of the last three assembly elections. They fully expected to do that again. They talked up their chances in a whole range of seats, and completely failed to deliver. About the best thing and say is, well they didn't actually lose any of the constituency seats they already held, but on the regional list vote, they've seen a significant retrenchment of their support there, which is losing them several list seats.

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 secondsAnd the party, which expected to be eating into Labour's advantage in seats in the assembly, has made no progress there, and has moved backwards to become once again the third party in the National Assembly. So undoubtedly a deeply disappointing electoral night for the Welsh Conservative Party.

Election Review - The Welsh Conservatives

Roger Scully reviews the election performance of the Welsh Conservatives.

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