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What's the cost to businesses?

A recent article in the Guardian Security experts: ‘No one should have faith in Yahoo at this point’ (December 2016) highlights how even the largest of corporations can be vulnerable to hacks and data breaches.

Clearly this incident is likely to do Yahoo a lot of reputational damage, but you might be thinking ‘who cares, I don’t mind who can read my email’. Well perhaps this hack on a Jeep Cherokee might change your mind. Watch the video!

Still feel safe in your car now?

In the aftermath of that hack 1.4 million vehicles were recalled. So whilst no crime was committed (this time), it still cost the manufacturer.

Is cyber crime a serious problem in your country? Do you think many businesses are attacked, or only a few? Is it mostly large businesses that are the target, or are small businesses also affected? How much do you think cyber attacks cost businesses annually? Is this cost growing?

There are links to UK government statistics and surveys relating to cyber crime and cyber security breaches available from the bottom of this page.

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