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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds PADDY UPTON: Thank you for joining this course on leadership and self-awareness, which asked you to turn the mirror inwards to look inwardly at who you are being as a leader, coach, and person. We discussed the concept of self-awareness being the singular most important quality of leadership success, like the foundations of a building or roots of a tree that will ultimately determine the height you can achieve and sustain in your work and life. We discussed personal mastery as being this inner journey to understand and fine tune our souls as the instruments of leadership and gave some examples of what the journey of personal mastery might entail.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 seconds A journey that might require some of us to let go of previously held behaviours, beliefs, values, or intention. And we discussed what this change process might look like comparing it to learning to drive a car. The course is based on the premise that we are most effective as leaders when we are serving other’s needs ahead of our own, which was informed by concepts we introduced on player-centred coaching, servant leadership, level five coaching. We presented the way we view our work can be consequential, seeing it as a job, a career, or a calling.

Skip to 1 minute and 23 seconds We went into some detail around personal values, what they are, and how they drive our behaviour suggesting that higher level or above the line values would serve others and thus ultimately ourselves more effectively than lower level values that are more self-serving. We also asked you to design your ideal work legacy, as seen through the different groups of people you interact with in your working life, as well as asking you to raise awareness of the tendencies you have that might hold you back from your true potential and enjoyment in work and in life. Finally, we asked you to conclude by writing your own menu of leadership do’s and don’ts, converting the awareness gained from this course into practical action points.

Skip to 2 minutes and 11 seconds I’m fully aware that some of this course might have been challenging and sometimes confusing, as it asked you to look into your inner world of being human. It’s a world that is complicated, fuzzy, invisible, and often ignored or not much spoken about. The best leaders out there know that this is one of the most important, difficult, and rewarding journeys as we seek success in an outer world where most territories have already been charted. Only you can charter your inner world. Thank you for taking this journey along with me and your fellow students.

Answering the big question

​We consolidate the key ideas and principles to answer the big question: What impact does being a self-aware leader have on our effectiveness in growing others?

In this course, we’ve explored self-awareness, and through that exploration you were encouraged to identify your values and legacy, and your strengths and values in action.

Throughout the course, you’ve been encouraged to consider how you might become more self-aware and what that might mean to those you interact with as coach/leader.

Through this developing awareness of yourself and your impact on others, you can further develop your work in growing others.

We’re now at the end of this two-week course. I appreciate you joining me on this journey through ‘The Self-aware Coach’ and trust you’ve gleaned some new ideas and ways to move forward in your role.

Your task

Reflect on what you’ve learnt and, in the comments, share how your learning has impacted your understanding of coaching and how you’ll apply what you’ve learnt to your current role.

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