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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds Although many people may have used the sharing economy, how many people truly know and understand what a sharing economy is? So let’s hear from people on the street and ask them about their view on the sharing economy.

Skip to 0 minutes and 31 seconds I’ve heard the name. I’m not really sure. Probably sure what it means. No. If it’s Airbnb, yes, I have. I think there’s GoGet. And also Uber. No, I guess not actually. Oh, that sharing econ– oh, yeah, yeah. OK. I presume that Uber and Airbnb are too commercialised.

Skip to 0 minutes and 51 seconds I use Uber and– well, you guys don’t have it here yet. But there’s a service called Lyft in the US. Uber, yeah. That’s about it. I’m actually going to use Airbnb tomorrow, as it happens. Because I’m only 18 and I just finished school, so I haven’t like, really been away or anything yet. Yeah, it’ll be the first time for me. I’ve actually done some research, looking at different places for Airbnb, just to see what was around.

Skip to 1 minute and 16 seconds Staying in a person’s place can be a lot more rewarding than staying in a hotel. Cheap. For accommodation? Taking my dog with me. For an IT numbnut, like myself, it’s easy to purchase things. Obviously, a cheaper option than taxis. I’m like most people with taxis. I’m very disgruntled with them. I think they’ve got a bad attitude. Any competition is a good idea. For young people, we feel very safe. Because you get the details of the driver. I find it’s a lot cheaper for shorter distances. And for students, like us, it’s good.

Skip to 1 minute and 49 seconds It was a bad experience, because we did it in peak hour traffic. They dropped us at the wrong terminal. So we sat in the car and moved 100 metres in 10 minutes. We did give him five stars. I think it’s just a bit uncomfortable just sitting in someone’s car. Really successful, yeah. It was very clean. We’ve had really good experiences. Very efficient. The hard part is probably checking in. Generally, a great experience.

Skip to 2 minutes and 15 seconds I’m not so sure about Uber. Perhaps it’s just an age thing. Oh, Uber. My son used to use it. And he likes it. Probably my kids would definitely use Uber. So he say he will teach me how to use it. I have yet to learn. I definitely recommend Airbnb and Uber to all my friends. I’m trying to get dad to do it at the moment, so I get cheap stuff. I’m relatively agnostic on them. They can work. They can be good. You can have good experiences. You can have bad experiences.

The sharing economy experience

Everyday, ordinary people access goods and services through the sharing economy, and the experiences they have differ from person to person.

Although many people use the sharing economy, very few of them know it by that name. To them, the most important thing is the value they derive from accessing these goods and services.


Have you ever taken an Uber for a ride or used Airbnb for accommodation? Perhaps you have used a different sharing economy service.

What drew you to the appeal of using one of these sharing economy services? Share your story to the Comments area.

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