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Becoming a Slavery-Free Business

There is slavery in every shopping centre in Europe and America.

From cocoa, coffee and clothing, to cars, computers and cell phones - many products are tainted by slavery. Please watch this short film featuring our course’s lead educator Kevin Bales and original film footage of contemporary slavery from the organisation Free the Slaves. It describes the importance of businesses tackling the problem of slave-made goods and products in their supply chains.

After watching the film, please explore Know the Chain’s company rankings of 20 information & communications technology companies on their efforts to eradicate forced labour from their global supply chains; and the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre’s public track record of companies’ statements under the UK Modern Slavery Act.

Did you see companies you recognise and/or expect to see other large companies on these lists?

You can also start preparing your responses and questions for Kevin’s live session as our “expert in the hot-seat” later this week. Kevin advised the UK government on the Modern Slavery Act and consults regularly with corporations on the issue of slavery in supply chains.

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Ending Slavery: Strategies for Contemporary Global Abolition

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