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Overview of the UCAS website

For advisers, the UCAS website is quite simply a ‘must-visit’ - containing, as it does, a wealth of useful information, resources, features and tools.

In the last step we looked at some of the Subject guides which UCAS provides.

In this step, the video will take you through using the UCAS course search, from the perspective of a student - a young woman in India researching study opportunities in the UK, as an example.

We will go on to use the search tool in subsequent steps and activities.

Note this video has no voice-over - you can download an English transcript at the bottom of this page.

The course search tool is best known, and used daily by thousands of students and advisers. It is a comprehensive database of over 50,000 higher education courses available at more than 380 universities and colleges across the UK. It has detailed information about individual universities and colleges, including a map showing where they are, as well as the courses they offer.

Applicants can search by course, university or college and then filter their results further. As referenced earlier, there’s also a subject search for those who want to search by subject categories as well as by location.

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