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Subjects – broaden your horizons

If you thought your school or college offers a good range of subjects, then prepare to find out just what’s on offer at degree level!

There will be many subject areas that you would expect, but there will also be courses and subject combinations you’ve never considered before.

To get going, watch the video and note any higher education subjects that you were previously unaware of and which you might like to explore further.

To help you, UCAS has developed some key resources so you can explore what’s on offer in higher education, and find out more about some of the less obvious degree choices and study options.

There is a set of UCAS Subject Guides, each giving a flavour of the undergraduate courses you could study at university, from which you can start more focused course searches, explore related careers and apprenticeships, and start refining your choices.

You can also browse courses by ‘subject area’ in UCAS’ search tool, where subjects are grouped together. For instance, social studies includes anthropology, international politics, psychology, social work, criminology, sociology, and more, which you can select and filter to fit your interests.

You could, of course, stick with what you know, such as a subject you have already started studying in depth and want to take on further at degree level. Alternatively, be curious and do some research to find out more about some of the less obvious degree choices and study options.

We want to give you some food for thought. It really can pay to drill beneath the surface, to uncover the wider range of options in every subject area.

There’s lots to choose from so broaden your horizons, and indulge your curiosity – find out more about the subjects you’re interested in. You can browse courses by subject area – click here to link to the search tool.

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