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Tips on preparing for university

It might seem a long way off, but once you’ve decided what you want to do next, done your research, and completed your application, you can then turn your focus onto preparing to step into the next exciting part of your life.

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Below are some ideas and resources for you to use in preparation for going on to higher education.

Research your university or college online

Look through forums and information pages on the uni or college website to find out what’s going on or planned, and student life in the area.

Check out Campus Society is a social media forum where students share their experiences of study and uni life. Many universities have their own ‘Channel’ and provide the kind of practical information not often found written in prospectuses or guides.

Advice such as accommodation options and costs, popular places to visit e.g. sport, music, and restaurants. It’s a great forum if you’re a disabled student or have specific support needs, and want to chat with, and learn from, students with similar needs to you. Find out about Campus Society here www.campussociety.com

Get your study skills up to scratch

Studying at uni or college can be different to how you’re used to studying at school. Get a head start by brushing up on the skills you’ll need, so you’re fully prepared when the time comes.

We’ve produced a series of study skills guides which you can download from the UCAS website and use to help you successfully make the transition to higher education. The guides include practical activities and advice to help you develop the habits of effective, independent study.

For international students

Prepare for success is an interactive online learning tool for international students who are getting ready to come to the UK for study in further or higher education. Developed by the University of Southampton, it contains learning resources which are activity-based to help you find out about different aspects of academic life in the UK, and the skills needed for effective study. As well as preparing you for what to expect during your studies, the activities provide scope for English language improvement. Click here to go to the online tool.

Life at university or college

If you want to find out more about life at university, there are lots of short videos, blogs, and case studies with great advice from students on the UCAS website – you can find them here: UCAS student blogs UCAS student videos

You will also find lots of useful info from students on the websites of the universities and colleges you apply to, so check those out too!

Finance and practicalities

There will also be lots of practical things for you to think about and arrange, like finance and accommodation. The UCAS website provides lots of information advice which you can find here.

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