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Skip to 0 minutes and 23 seconds My name is Robert van den Hoed, I’m a professor of energy innovation at University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. That we provide solutions for that and carry out research in that field. My expertise lies in the energy transition and the charging infrastructure electric vehicles and the really integrating electric vehicles in the future energy net, energy grid.

Skip to 0 minutes and 50 seconds The role of electric mobility and energy paradigms is gonna be a major, it’s gonna be a major turn over, from practically I own an electric vehicle, a plug-in electric vehicle, and, of course, solar cells in my roof for six months now. So what I saw is that with the first solar cells I could nearly break even, I nearly could produce the same amount of energy electricity with the solar, to provide household energy use. Then I used, then we get the plug-in electric vehicle and the amount of energy used for household increased by 60, 70%.

Skip to 1 minute and 26 seconds So you can see how mobility is actually a real big energy factor within the city, you can imagine if a lot of people will be driving electric cars in the future, this will create an extra amount, major extra demand for electricity for cities. This will have a major strain also for the electricity grid so from the perspective of how little mobility will play a role in future grids, it will be seamless it will be what one big interwoven net or for energy use and energy production.

Meet the expert: A demand-driven strategy for new mobility

Robert van den Hoed, Professor of Energy and Innovation at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam, explains in this interview how to implement a demand-driven strategy to solve “the chicken or the egg” dilemma of electric vehicles and infrastructure.

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