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Tools to Track Social Media Analytics

Looking at large amounts of social media data can often be puzzling and overwhelming. What are the right tools to monitor and assess this data and improve social media performance?

What metrics should we be focusing on? In order to extract meaning from data, information needs to be sorted and organised.

The Social Media Analytics Compass: What and How to Measure provides an overview of key areas that can be used when monitoring social media channels. The social media analytics compass helps guide your focus as you determine the metrics most important for your goals: audience size, audience profile, content analysis, competitive benchmarking, community responsiveness, sentiment analysis, traffic, and reach and engagement.

We will be using Google Sheets for this course, but the article also provides an overview of the following third-party software tools for social media analytics, such as:

From the social media analytic compass chart, pick and share the essential areas that you think you’ll need to monitor your social media channels.

  • Which management tools would you use to track those analytics areas?

  • Have you used any of the tools mentioned? If so, would you recommend any of them that worked well for you?

  • Review and respond to the posts from your fellow learners.

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