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Contributors to the course

Supporting Organisations

British Council SE programme

A programme that supports the development of social enterprise and social investment around the world.

The School for Social Entrepreneurs

An organisation that supports people using entrepreneurial approaches to tackle complex social problems.


An organisation that offers cash awards, networking and mentorship opportunities for social entrepreneurs in the UK, and has affiliate organizations in a number of other countries.

Pioneers Post

A magazine for people interested in social enterprise, impact investment and corporate social innovation.

Social enterprises

London Early Years Foundation

The UK’s largest childcare charity and social enterprise. Click here to view more information about the London Early Years Foundation.

Atlanta Community Food Bank

An organisation that distributes over 60 million pounds of donated grocery products a year to more than 600 people in Atlanta. Click here to view more information about Atlanta Community Food Bank.


A company manufacturing handmade paper and value added products out of elephant dung and other waste matter. Click here to view more information about Eco-Maximus.


A fair-trade certified handloom company which manufactures and exports handloom textiles and textile-based toys and handicrafts. Click here to view more information about Selyn.

Jaipur Rugs

An organisation that empowers the grassroots’ communities providing sustainable livelihood to weavers.Click here to view more information about Jaipur Rugs.


A social enterprise whose aim is to ensure that the Indian dairy farmer is able to run the dairy farm as a lucrative primary occupation without the debilitating dependency on labour. Click here to view more information about Arohana.

Bristol Pound

A form of local complementary currency, or community currency launched in Bristol in 2012. Click here to view more information about Bristol Pound.

Edirisa UK

An organisation that supports community projects in Uganda, focusing on education, health and sanitation, and access to clean water. Click here to view more information about Edirisa UK.

SMV Wheels

A deferred payment cycle rickshaw company that provides opportunities for disadvantaged people in Varanasi, India. Click here to view more information about Edirisa UK.

Survey: Creating Sustainable Impact

If you did not get a chance to take the optional survey on Creating Sustainable impact, you may wish to take it now as a way to reflect on your own drivers and obstacles to create such impact.

To find out more and to take the survey, please click here.

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