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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 seconds In this video, Servane introduces you to the importance of digital marketing, to connect with a wider audience. So we’ll give you some tips to help you survive and thrive in the digital marketing environment. Digital marketing is such a vast topic, because when we think it’s easier nowadays, because we have all these apps in the palm of our hands, t’s actually much more difficult to do business because of that. We are a little bit of dust in a vast world, of people who want to do exactly the same as you, of people who are also using digital space for anything, and it’s very hard to, you know, get your head above the parapet and be noticed.

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 seconds So actually digital marketing is about dropping your computer, or your mobile, and going to get some pen-and-paper. And really think about what you want to achieve, what your networks are, what your customers are, what you stakeholders are, where do they go, how do they behave? How much money you have to make things happen? Ask yourself, do you want to start from scratch? Or do you want to have platforms that have been, you know, white-labelled that you can use. It’s about creating connections and creating a plan, on paper first, then with conversation with people, and then testing it, testing it, testing it. And ultimately, you come on to doing the digital bit, but it comes at the very end.

Digital marketing strategy

In an age of seemingly infinite apps, it is easy for social enterprises to get lost – and to lose valuable time and resources – in the vast field of digital marketing.

Servane Mouazan recommends a focused, pen-and-paper approach as a starting point to a strong digital marketing campaign.

In the next step, we provide a toolkit to take your digital marketing strategy forward when you are ready to implement.

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