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customer empathy map

Customer Empathy Map

A Customer Empathy Map is a tool used when collecting data about customers to better understand your target customer base. An Empathy Map is best used at the start of a new project, or when redesigning a new product, service or even a website. They allow you to visualize customer needs, condense customer data into a clear, simple chart, and help you see what customers want — not what you think they want. By following this map, you can systematically find answers, without playing a guessing game.

When we look at empathy from a marketing perspective, we’re talking about putting ourselves into our customers shoes, to be able to understand their needs and wants better. And thus, deliver a product or service that not only meets but exceeds their expectations!

There are six key steps in a Customer Empathy Map that will allow you to collect important information about your ideal customer to be able to really understand them. The six different components you’ll consider are:

  • What the customer thinks and feels
  • What the customer hears
  • What the customer sees
  • What the customer says and does
  • The customer’s pains
  • The customer’s gains

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