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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds My name is Dale Yoon, I’m Founder of TestWorks. Testworks is founded to provide job opportunities in IT field for marginalized group in Korea. In 2015, Testworks started software tester training for career interrupted woman and hired 3 of them as software testers after those woman testers performed successful internship in IoT product testing for Honeywell. Since then, we have extended our interest to other martialized group such as autism spectrum disorder people and hearing loss people.

Skip to 0 minutes and 51 seconds Testworks wants to become global leading social enterprise company in IT field. We want to thrive and expand to provide more opportunities to people who needs second chance. We want to bring more diversity to our company so that we can impact more workers, worker’s family and our society.

Skip to 1 minute and 17 seconds We see there are a lot of discrimination for old age woman, autism people when it comes to job opportunities. There are 2 millions of career interrupted woman with bachelor degree in Korea and when they want to come back to labor market, there are only few jobs are available of them. such as mart casher or baby sitter. and when we comes to autism people are employment problem even worse. only 1% of autism people in Korea are employed. so, with proper training and carefully designed work that can maximize their talent, we believe that they can be very professional software testers , AI data annotator or program manager. For example, Our AI data team consists of several autism people and woman.

Skip to 2 minutes and 12 seconds Autism people are very detailed oriented and they love repetitive job. So, they are assigned to annotate a lot of data. Career interrupted woman are good at communication and taking care of others. So, they are assigned to review autism people’s work to guarantee the quality of data accuracy and provide good care of autism people while communicating with our customers.

Skip to 2 minutes and 47 seconds Our target customers are big IT companies or global companies in Korea like Samsung, SK Telecom, Honeywell, Microsoft. Those companies sometimes need a lot of resource heavy work like software testing and AI Data annotation in very short time frame and they need specialized companies like us. In fact, We don’t have specific channel to access our customers. Basically, we try to deliver our service with higher quality than our competitors along with reasonable price. It is also hard to have 1st pilot project with them. But, once we have good output and prove our performance, our customers want to give us bigger size of projects. Also, they introduce other customers to us with good reference. We have expanded our customer pool in this way.

Skip to 3 minutes and 47 seconds Now, we are having projects from Honeywell, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, SK Telecom.

Skip to 3 minutes and 59 seconds We focus on employees’ capability improvement aligned with their career path. We have developed our own career development model and defined core competencies and technical skills for each career path. We provide a lot of trainings to help our employees improve their skills and knowledge so that they can deliver much better service with good quality for our customers.

Skip to 4 minutes and 31 seconds Our customers selected Testworks as vendor because of 2 reasons. First, our customers really value our low turn over rate of our employees. We have less than 10 % turn over rate while our competitors have 30-50% turn over rate. Our customers are impressed by our employees’ loyalty and dedication for their work. Second, we try to provide not only highly skilled software testers for manual testing but also automation solution so that customers don’t need to worry about productivity and quality.

Skip to 5 minutes and 20 seconds Key Indicator to measure our financial performance is level of customer satisfaction. If customer satisfaction is very high, they bring more project with bigger size. So, we try to collect customers’ feedback at least monthly basis, find out gaps between our performance and customers’ expectation and try to minimize those gaps to have high customer satisfaction. Another key indicator is a number of employees from marginalized group and how much longer our employees stay in Testworks.

Skip to 6 minutes and 2 seconds Personally, I really want to see change the way big companies hire people. They should hire people regardless of gender, age, disability and nationality. After 10 years, I want Samsung Electronics to hire autism people like the way we hire them. Testworks should become pioneer of inclusive employment in Asia and global leading social IT company within 10 years so that we can touch more marginalized groups and provide more opportunities not only Korea but other countries.


Testworks is another wonderful company which develops AI solution working with less privileged people such as youths with autism.

Please analyze the TestWorks’ case and derive its SBM, considering one of the following key questions:

  • Social Value Proposition (Mission, Vision, Target social problems)

  • Solution: Products/Services, differentiation, core competence

  • Market Side (Target customers/beneficiaries, channel, CRM)

  • Operation Side (Key activities, Team, Collaboration)

  • Performance (Financial/social performance indicators, key achievements)

  • Future goals/agenda

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