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We hope that you have enjoyed your journey with us!

We would like to remind you, that whilst we will not be providing facilitation in the comments and discussions after Sunday 8th May, you still have time, if you need it, to catch up with the course activities as they will remain online.

Thank you from all of ‘The Power of Social Media’ team

Content for this course was created by:

  • Dr David Millard and Dr Lisa Harris (Lead educators), Professor Dame Wendy Hall and Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt.

  • Current and former Web Science PhD students: Nada Albunni, Nora Al-Rajebah, Robert Blair, Nic Fair, Sarah Hewitt, Manuel Leon and Dr Chris Phethean.

You were supported by the online mentoring team:

  • Web Science PhD students Nora Al-Rajebah, Nic Fair, Sarah Hewitt and Manuel Leon and Digital Marketing MSc student Hannah Watts.

This course was produced by:

  • The Institute for Learning Innovation & Development (ILIaD): Kate Dickens (Project Lead and Content Editor), Manuel Leon and Lorrayne Smith with media production by Joe Brett, Stephan Caspar and Adam Warren and with additional video production by external consultant Trish Powell.

This course would not have been possible without support from:

University of Southampton Communications & Marketing services, The Hartley Library and Legal Services: Letitia Baldock, Gill Bramley, Barbara Halliday, Andy Howells, Debra Morris and Frances Teding Van Berkhout.

Pro Vice-Chancellor of Education Alex Neill and the rest of the University senior management team.

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone in the FutureLearn team with a special mention for Kate Sandars from the content team.

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This article is from the free online course:

The Power of Social Media

University of Southampton

Course highlights Get a taste of this course before you join:

  • Welcome to the course
    Welcome to the course

    This course explains how by understanding networks better we can exploit social media. Watch Dr David Millard & Dr Lisa Harris tell you more.

  • What are networks?
    What are networks?

    Watch Dr David Millard explore what we mean by a network, and look at some of the examples of networks around us and their characteristics.

  • Recruitment in a digital world
    Recruitment in a digital world

    Watch Dr Lisa Harris, Nic Fair and Sarah Hewitt discuss the role of social media in recruitment from the perspective of employers & potential employee