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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds In the first week, we’ll introduce you to crucial concepts relating to wellbeing. We’ll note the unavoidable vagueness and diversity of well-being concepts. To talk about well-being means talking about what really matters. And this, of course, transcends many areas of life and cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries and research. Currently, there’s a real momentum behind wellbeing, and lots of companies, organisations, and governments have taken wellbeing on board. We present some of the many examples from around the world. By recognising the importance of a wellbeing lens, we should improve our ability to focus on what really matters in life when we make plans, design policies, and evaluate outcomes.

Skip to 0 minutes and 56 seconds By the end of week 1, we hope you will have improved your ability to recognise which aspects of wellbeing you are referring to in discussions and conversations. You will become more confident in making practical use of wellbeing research and in sharing ideas and arguments about wellbeing promotion.

Introduction to Week 1

In this video, Educator Elke Heins introduces Week 1, the purpose of which is to strengthen awareness of the rise of interest in explicit discussion of wellbeing worldwide, in many sectors and at all levels. Week 1 is also about improving your confidence to engage in conversations about wellbeing, since everyone has something valuable to contribute.

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