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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 secondsSo, a warm welcome to our course in social well-being. We're really looking forward to introducing you to insights from research on well being. But also from practical efforts to promote well-being. This course has been put together by a team that includes people from various academic disciplines, but also by practitioners from many fields of public life. Such as businesses, government organisations, and the voluntary sector. And what this team shares in common is the belief that aspects of well-being must be central among our intellectual, our practical, and also our moral concerns.

Skip to 0 minutes and 41 secondsYou see, when we set objectives, when we make plans, when we take decisions, and when we evaluate our performance at the end of the day, well being criteria really should be explicit. So over the next three weeks you will engage in a range of interactive discussions. Hopefully these will broaden your knowledge about the wellbeing approaches, and the ways that they can transform our thoughts about society and policy. The great strength of an open access online course like this one is that you can choose, freely, according to your own needs, your own preferences, among lots of different ways of learning and taking part.

Skip to 1 minute and 19 secondsThroughout the course, you won't just engage with the materials that we present to you, but you will also generate input through interactive exercises and discussion boards. By doing this, you'll become part of this global conversation on how our societies can be organised so as to optimise well-being.

Welcome to Social Wellbeing

The central question we ask you to consider on this course is: how do we maintain a focus on what really matters in all areas of planning and learning?

Here we offer a short introduction to course themes, and we invite you to fully engage with the course and the community of learners.

  • Week 1 introduces the wellbeing lens and the importance of conversations about wellbeing.
  • Week 2 explores how organisations can plan for and implement interventions that promote wellbeing.
  • Week 3 examines how we can assess and evaluate progress towards wellbeing.

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Social Wellbeing

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