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a female coach reaches out with a basketball, Papua New Guinea
A coach on the basketball sport for development program in Papua New Guinea

Be an EPIC advocate

It is extremely useful to be able to summarise your initiative in a concise and engaging way to stakeholders. Can you deliver a message about what your project is and what it aims to achieve in less than a minute? Can you do so in a persuasive and attention-grabbing way?

One approach is to come up with an EPIC message.

There are four elements to an EPIC message:

  1. ENGAGE your audience (Get your listener’s attention with a dramatic fact or short statement. Keep this opening statement to one sentence if possible.)
  2. State the PROBLEM (Present causes of the problem you introduced in the first section. How widespread or serious is the problem?)
  3. INFORM on the solution (Inform the listener about a solution to the problem you just presented.)
  4. CALL to action (Once you’ve engaged your listener, presented the problem and told them about a solution, be specific about what you want them to do. This enables you to follow up to find out if they’ve taken this action. Present this action in the form of a ‘yes or no’ question.)

Let’s put this into practice. Can you be EPIC in pitching your project? Let’s find out in the next few steps.

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