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Develop an advocacy plan

What do you want to change? Who do you need to influence to make the change happen? How can you influence them? What are the best methods to engage them? Is a wider media campaign or press release required?

Before you can begin a campaign about your initiative, it is important to consider what your initiative needs from other stakeholders.

Are you going to secure funding and then design your initiative? Are you going to design first and then secure funding? Your plan will be different for each. Use this time to explore which should come first for your initiative.

Next, think about your sport and development initiative and identify the key stakeholders and influencers most crucial to making your change happen. Work through the most effective methods for engagement, such as social media, 1-to-1 meetings or focus groups, and begin to plan how to bring others along with you.

This activity builds on your logic model. It also helps to solidify your logic thinking and critique the order elements need to be developed.

If you’re not sure how to start, the next activity is to speak with a representative of your local government. Think about where these representatives fit in the implementation of your initiative.

Screenshot of handout Advocacy Planning
This workbook helps you to develop an advocacy plan, which not only promotes your project, but engages people at an early stage, so that they connect with and feel ownership of the project (pdf).

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