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Refine your logic model

We explored logic models as “tools for change” in week 1 of the course. In this activity, we would now like you to use this approach in the context of a project you are/might be involved in.

Once developed, this logic model, along with the elevator pitch can inform your final challenge for the course: to draft an executive summary of your project demonstrating a clear purpose, aims, approach and linked outcomes.

Reminder of the logic model

The key components of a logic model are:

  • Inputs
  • Outputs (activities and participation)
  • Outcomes (short, medium and long-term)

Logic model showing Inputs, Outputs: activities and participation and Outcomes: short medium and long term Logic model (Click to expand)


  1. Use a logic model to map out how your project will lead to social change (it could a project you are involved in, another existing project or an imagined or future project). How you do this is up to you. You could use a template. The linked page also includes examples (albeit from non-sports contexts) for inspiration. The aim is to model how your sporting intervention will deliver its outcomes.
  2. If you wish to share your logic model, you can post it to a Padlet board. Click the image link below. Then by pressing on Padlet’s big plus button, you can upload pdfs and images, or link to a document shared elsewhere.

Screenshot of padlet

Alternatively, you may use the discussion board in this step to discuss/share your work. You may want to read other people’s plans and provide constructive feedback using the comments feature.

After reflecting on any feedback you receive in the Padlet board, you will be ready to move on to the next peer review exercise. In this exercise, you will draft an executive summary of your project clearly stating the problem it will address and how.

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