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Final conclusions

As your lead educators we will again provide audio feedback at the end of the week once we have read your final reflections and final questions.

Educator’s Feedback

Listen to Dr Alana Thomson’s feedback for week 2

You can also download the transcript of this audio from the ‘Downloads’ section below.

Your final task

Just as we hope those who participated in the GAPS Programme will return home and share their new-found knowledge and skills with their community, so too do we hope you will be able to use what you’ve learnt on this course to share with your friends, family and community and perhaps even contribute to diversity and inclusion in your local sports programmes, so that sport and its benefits can be enjoyed by all.

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What’s happening at Griffith University?

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We thank you for participating in the course and hope you now have a better understanding of what it means for athletes to win through diversity and inclusion at major sports events.

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Major Sport Events: Winning Through Diversity and Inclusion

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