Portraits of each of the eight team members named below, in a collage.

Meet the team

Throughout this course, you’ll be able to post comments and questions on each step, and we’ll be reading and answering them regularly. Here are some of the people you will hear from!

Philip Harney

Philip makes educational content at the CoderDojo Foundation, producing projects for young people to work on as well as guides and courses for volunteers. He has been a mentor and champion at several Dojos since 2012. He plays board games and listens to far too many podcasts.

Christina Foust

Christina supports Dojos in the USA. She taught middle school science for a number of years and loves working with educators. You can find her wearing cozy socks, attempting to learn ukulele, or playing board games with friends.

Giustina Mizzoni

Giustina is the Executive Director of the CoderDojo Foundation. She is responsible for overseeing all of our programs and operations, and has been involved in the CoderDojo movement for many years.​ ​In her spare time she can be found cooking and doing yoga.

Amy O’Meara

Amy is the Communications and Engagement Coordinator at the CoderDojo Foundation, and is especially focused on interesting stories from the CoderDojo community and highlighting campaigns and competitions. When not at work, she enjoys visiting her local yoga studio.

Vanessa Greene

Vanessa is the Community Support and Experience Coordinator for the CoderDojo Foundation. Day-to-day she can be found helping people start their own Dojo and helping the global CoderDojo Community. In her spare time, she can be found making videos, running events and volunteering at her local Dojo.

Josh Hellier

Josh is the Global Community Coordinator for the CoderDojo Foundation. It makes his day to see people all over the world give their time to do good. He is happiest when exploring the outdoors with his German Shepherd, Sasha.

Ross O’Neill

Ross is a Programme Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and leads the growth of CoderDojo in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in starting a new Dojo in the UK, he wants to hear from you and help you get started.

Nicola Lyons

Nicola is Community Manager for CoderDojo. Her background is in startups and tech events. Part-time yogi and full-time theatre nerd, Nicola loves bringing people together to facilitate social change.

Divya Joseph

Divya manages the CoderDojo community in India and is based out of Bangalore, India. She is passionate about education and loves working with children. Ask her about anything related to CoderDojo in India.

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