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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second At a dojo, Ninjas might make anything. They could use Scratch to create their very first piece of code. Or even a work of digital art. Or to create a game inspired by their favourite indie developer. They might use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the languages of the web, to create a website to inform people. Or to share something they’re passionate about. Or just to see if they can. They might even take their first steps towards a future in computer science.

What young people can create at a Dojo

In Dojo sessions, Ninjas work with the support of mentors (volunteers who facilitate learning at Dojos) to produce something with code. This can be a project from the CoderDojo resources site, an online coding tutorial, or something the Ninjas have imagined and now want to make real.

Ninjas can work in groups or alone, depending on the nature of their project and their preferences.

CoderDojo projects

The CoderDojo community and the CoderDojo Foundation team have created a collection of educational projects, which you can find at coderdojo.com/resources. These are totally free and exist to make it easier for you to run your Dojo! We’ll talk more about them in Weeks 2 and 3, but here’s a quick one you can try out right now to build a simple web page!

What do you want to make with your Ninjas?

In the discussion below, tell us what you’re hoping to create with the Ninjas at your Dojo. Have a look through the comments to get ideas from other champions too! We’ll read them all, pick our favourite idea, and (if you’re happy to let us!) turn it into a free project tutorial for the CoderDojo resources website!

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