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The worldwide CoderDojo community

The CoderDojo movement is an international community of people working to share their knowledge of, and passion for, technology. You’re now a member of that community, and there are lots of opportunities for you to talk to, and even meet, your fellow members!

Join the community online

You can connect with the CoderDojo community online to ask questions and share ideas and inspiration with your fellow volunteers by joining:

Contact a specific Dojo

If you want to contact a specific Dojo, maybe to set up an event for Dojos in your area, you can find their contact email address and social media accounts on their Dojo listing page, which you can search for here.

Coolest Projects

Coolest Projects is the annual showcase event for Ninjas where they can bring along the coolest thing they’ve built over the last year in their Dojo and show it off. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to meet members of the community, share ideas with other Ninjas and, depending on the scale of the Coolest Projects event, potentially meet people from the software and games industries.

“I loved meeting all the other attendees and sharing projects. In the USA, I have only ever worked with the kids at my Dojo, so it was unique to see international Dojos come together in one collective event.”
Kavi, 15, Ninja at Tiburon CoderDojo @ BelTib Library, California, USA

It’s also probably the most enjoyable and fun day of the year for a Dojo’s mentors and champions (at least for me!). They get to come along, see the Dojo’s Ninjas having a great time, and see the results of their shared work.

In 2020, we ran two Foundation-led Coolest Projects events:

  • Coolest Projects USA in Santa Ana, California on 7 March
  • Coolest Projects online, which was created in place of Coolest Projects UK and Coolest Projects International as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coolest Projects online was a great way to bring the global community together safely.

Find out more on the Coolest Projects website.

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