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Q&A with Tom and Rachel

On all online courses from the National STEM Learning Centre we provide the opportunity for learners to ask educators questions, through the course discussions and where possible in a course question and answer (Q&A).

Rachel and Tom recorded the Q&A on 22 October, drawing upon questions from across the course and started by selecting some of your reflections about your learning.


  • 1:20 - Exoplanets / extrasolar planets
  • 1:40 - Formation of planets (spheres, not cubes)
  • 3:17 - Water on the Moon
  • 3:55 - Why is Pluto not a planet?
  • 5:20 - Simulating the solar system
  • 5:40 - Linking to literacy
  • 6:20 - Projects, events and resources

A transcript will be available by 1 November. This is an open step, so you can refer to it after the course has finished by bookmarking the URL to your favourites.

Please note: if you post a question here it may be featured in the video recording along with your first name. The recording will be publicly viewed via this step and may also be uploaded to the STEM Learning YouTube channel.

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Teaching Primary Science: Exploring Space

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