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Alexander Gerst in an EMU
Alexander Gerst in an EMU

Mission Starlight and space suit design

These two resources look at space suit design.

*For licensing reasons, some resources in this course require you to log in to the STEM Learning website. You can register for a free STEM Learning account to access these resources. If you are not based in the UK, please select the International option on the first registration page.

Review and summarise one of activities contained within these resources. Explain how you would use it in the curriculum. You may find the grid provided at the start of the course helps to shape your thoughts.

Consider: Which aspect of working scientifically does it cover? Can this we changed to suit the curriculum objectives for the year group that you are teaching? How you might develop it to include English and Mathematics?


Share your thoughts to the discussion below. If you are unsure how to link to the curriculum, make a note of this in your post.

Read through other posts and provide suggestions where appropriate to help other course participants.

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Teaching Primary Science: Human Spaceflight

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