Create your final activity plan

We’ve gone through all the important ideas in communication and presentation techniques, now you need to develop your ideas into a realistic plan. This document may be particularly useful to refer back to during your STEM activity.

Planning your activity

It’s time to go back to your activity plan that you came up with in the previous course Planning Activities and add in some more detail. If you haven’t yet created a plan, then spend some time thinking about your activity before you proceed.

We’ve added additional spaces onto the planning template to help you structure your session, considering what you will do, why you will do it and the resources/people involved:

Updating your plan

Consider the following and how you could include it in your plan:

  • What verbal communication tools will you use? E.g. tone of voice, questioning
  • What non-verbal communication tools will you use? E.g. body language, clothing, posture, position in the room.
  • How are you going to introduce yourself?
  • Will you use groups? How will you manage these?
  • How will you ensure your transitions are managed well?
  • How will maintain engagement?
  • What can you do to make sure your activity is well paced?
  • How do intend to inspire the young people?

We’ve created a Padlet for sharing your final activity plans. We look forward to seeing your activities and how they’ve developed from initial ideas to deliverable sessions. Padlet is like an online pin-board where you can upload your documents. It’s best to share your files as PDF documents (use the Save as… option within the program you use to create your plan). You do not need to register an account to post to Padlet, but please do add your name to anything you post. Guidance on how to use Padlet.

Create and share

  1. Review your activity plan and update it in light of the questions above.
  2. Share your final plan on the Activity Plan Padlet.
  3. As you look at your plan, what aspect of communication do you think will be most important for your specific activity? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Before you post to the Padlet Wall for this task, please make sure you are familiar with Padlet’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Your course progress and FutureLearn profile will not be affected, whether or not you decide to take part in this task. For the purposes of any personal information submitted to Padlet, Padlet will be the data controller, not FutureLearn.

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