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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second [Jade] So I started doing a Post-It plenary, so I have Post-Its where they, I’ll ask different questions each day or each lesson and it might be what can I do to improve your learning, or how do you feel that do you feel that you met the learning objectives? Or what do you think I could do better? Just those kinda questions where it’s just quick on the Post-It but it means quite a lot whatever they’re putting. And then I’ll have a little board that has all of the Post-It boxes with their names underneath so I can see who has written what.

Skip to 0 minutes and 36 seconds And they’ll put it on there and that’s just a nice part, they like having Post-Its, they like doing different things, different activities. So the post-its they always get excited when the Post-Its come out, and they’ll pop the post-it on and I can just see quickly yep they’ve all done it.

Using sticky notes

Some of you may have identified sticky notes in a previous step as a tool to gather feedback from young people. In this video, Jade, a trainee teacher, talks about how she uses sticky notes at the end of a lesson to gather feedback.

Sticky notes can be used in a variety of ways to gather immediate feedback from young people. They are readily available and come in different sizes and colours. They also provide a useful record of the feedback that you can take away with you to reflect on.


Identify ways you can use sticky notes to gather feedback. Think of the type of activity and kind of questions you might like to ask young people.

Share your ideas with other learners in the comments below.

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