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Linking feedback with planning activities

You can’t seek meaningful feedback unless you have an idea of what your goals and objectives were in the first place.

Setting objectives

In the previous step you may have thought about the type of feedback you get at work. Let’s consider the following typical scenario to consider the link between objectives and feedback.

Establishing goals and turning them into detailed objectives usually starts with agreeing business or organisation-related medium-term or long-term goals with your manager on an annual basis. You then turn these into detailed objectives on a weekly and daily basis in order to achieve the medium and longer term goals.

Feedback will usually be related to your performance in achieving your objectives and goals and can be given in regular catch ups or formal appraisals with your manager. Of course, feedback isn’t restricted to your manager, you may receive feedback from others too.

Some elements of goals are more to do with your personal and professional goals and we will be returning to these later in the course.

Objectives for volunteering

When you first arrange your STEM volunteering activity, the STEM activity organiser will have outlined what the objectives are for the activity. At this early stage you are using feedback in your discussions with the educator you are working with, to help you assess that you broadly have the right knowledge and skills for the activity. You will then go on to plan the activity in detail.

In the previous courses we used the Activity Planning Log Template (Word doc) to create your activity plan and indicate the learning outcomes for the activity. The activity plan is also the best place to consider how to gather feedback and who the best people are to get it from.


Revisit the activity plan for your volunteering activity. Identify the areas of the activity you will be focusing feedback on. Share these in the comments below.

If you haven’t completed an activity plan, but have done an activity, you should think about what the activity was trying to achieve. Revisit Step 1.14 from Planning Activities for guidance on learning outcomes and activity objectives which formed part of the second course in the Inspiring Young People in STEM program. Return to this course using the back button in your browser.

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