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Linking with other curriculum areas

It might not be immediately obvious, but your role and experience are likely be linked to a variety of school subjects. For example, while you may not have a role which is overtly about mathematics, the subject often underpins other areas such as in science, technology, engineering, medical research.

For the purposes of this exercise we will be using the document relating to the English National Curriculum, Maths Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14 years). You can choose to use a different curriculum instead if you wish.

The aims of National Curriculum England, Maths KS3 are to:

  1. Develop fluency
  2. Reason mathematically
  3. Solve problems


Maths is an interconnected subject, relating to science, geography and other subjects. Think about how you can relate maths to your own work. Write down one example from your own work for each of the three aims above.

The additional detail outlined in the ‘Subject content’ section on page 5 in the curriculum document above will help you.

In the next step you’ll have a go at linking different activities to topics in the mathematics curriculum.

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