Sharing resources

Now you are aware of where to find resources for practical activities, we would like you to share what you have found with the rest of the group.

So far we have not spent too much time considering the context in which the resource is going to be used. We’d like you to share some ideas first, before we pick one to look at in more detail.

We’d like you to post your resources or links onto the course Padlet Wall. This is an online pin-board which is an effective way to create and present many different types of resources. You can also upload photos or videos of physical resources you have found. You do not need to register an account to post to Padlet, but please do add your name to anything you post. Guidance on how to use Padlet.

Share your resources

  1. Search for and choose 3 resources to explore that relate to your professional context.
  2. Post each resource on the Padlet Wall for this task.
  3. Take a few minutes to look at what other learners have shared. If you like something you have found, post a reply onto the Padlet post with a comment where you could use the resource in your own volunteering. If you are not sure about the validity of a resource, can you pose a question to help the person who found that resource reconsider?

Please do not upload photos of students, as parental consent is required. Please respect others’ confidentiality and privacy at all times.

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