Skip to 0 minutes and 7 seconds- Hi. I'm Michal Janiak. I work in Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences. I'm a food chemist in the department of chemical and physical properties of food. I'm here today to talk about superfoods. If you want to make your life more super, you will learn a lot of things about food during this course. You will also learn what makes superfoods so special. Is it just a fashion or they really possess some health beneficial properties? We'll present some of the bioactive compounds that are present in superfoods. Like, for example, antioxidants. We'll also try to explain why those and other molecules and the mechanism of action are so important to our health.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 secondsAfter our lectures, you will also be familiar with some threats related to superfoods. Like for example allergies or intolerance and if superfoods means that it's safe for everyone. To explain some specific information, we'll present few examples of superfoods as well as we will talk about some overall problems. We hope that at the end of our lectures, you will be able to answer few simple questions. If superfoods are really so healthy, is it worth buying superfoods and if consuming superfoods is one of the methods to improve our life? We hope you will enjoy our lectures. [silence]

Welcome to the course

Superfoods seems to be everywhere, but what are they, actually?

As there is a lack of clarity surrounding this term, we would like to begin this course by introducing its goals. What (if anything) makes a superfood “super”? What are antioxidants and other bioactive compounds often linked to superfood? What role do superfoods have in our diet?

During the course, we will touch these topics and many others, during a journey that will span four weeks. We will discuss both positive and negative aspects of superfoods: not only the characteristics that make them a healthy component of our diets, but also some negative aspects, such as the drawbacks of gluten-free diets not justified by medical reasons.

In the next step we will introduce our team - in the meantime, let us welcome you again to this course.

We hope you will find our topics to be interesting, and this course will be useful to you.

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