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What comes next: week 3 and beyond

What effect do flavonoids have on our health?

Most likely if you think of a superfood - be it berries or tea, cocoa or kale, you are thinking of a food with a high flavonoid content. This is one of the reasons why these foods are described as very healthy, but is it true?

In the next week, we will discuss what led to the interest in flavonoids, we discuss their most common dietary sources (including both superfoods and “traditional” foods) and their effect on the cardiovascular system, starting with the observational studies on an indigenous population, the Kuna.

Flavonoids have also been investigated for their effect on the brain and on the mind. Modifying our diets to improve our cognitive abilities, and not only our physical health, is a relatively new trend and a fascinating topic on its own, and will be the subject of the second activity of the week.

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