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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds Welcome back. This week, we can see Egypt are a phenomenal power in the ancient Near East, with some fantastic pharaohs exerting their authority into Syria-Palestine. But we’ve also seen so far that there are other superpowers interested in this area. And this week, we’re going to look from one of their point of views. It’s Mitanni, whom we met before briefly last week. They’re a superpower as well, based in northern Syria. And what we see for the first time is international correspondence. That’s why this period’s so important. We can see how Egypt and their enemies, Mitanni, are corresponding with each other over these Syria-Palestinian lands.

Introduction to Mittani

Last week we saw how Egypt successfully waged war against an alliance of Syria-Palestine city states.

The city states had the backing of another superpower in the form of Mittani. After Egypt’s successful campaign they now begin to encroach on Mittani’s sphere of influence. To see how events from this week fit into the overall picture you can revisit our timeline

How will this clash of interests be settled, through war or other means? Predict what you think will happen in the comments section below this text.

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