Skip to 0 minutes and 8 secondsHi, and welcome to this week, What is the Supply Chain? This week's divided into three key building blocks. We're going to begin by exploring what is the supply chain and the broader concept of supply-chain management. We're going to do this using a range of different media, videos, interviews, and even poems. And we're going to look at it from a range of different perspectives, industrial, academic, and everyday end users of supply chains. We are then going to move on to explore why supply chains are important, why they matter. We'll do this by looking at the industrial perspective.

Skip to 0 minutes and 47 secondsWe'll also look at it from a legal perspective and then start to segue into their importance to society and the way they support our everyday lives. That takes us into the third and final part of the week, where we're going to explore what supply chains mean to society and the way that decisions that you make about supply chains impact not just yourself but all the different parties up and down a supply chain and can make the difference between one party taking all the money and other people potentially making a loss or ensuring a fair return to the entire supply chain.

Skip to 1 minute and 24 secondsThis week also sees the launch of the Cohort Challenge, hopefully a fun and entertaining way that will get you all thinking about the supply chains around you. I hope that you enjoy the week and engage as much as you possibly can.

Welcome to Week 1

During this week we are going to explore the largely hidden world of supply chains and unpack the concept of the supply chain.

How does this week fit into the overall course?

This week provides the foundation and overview for the overall course. The week explores the general concept of the supply chain and its link to the everyday activities we take for granted. In doing so it will begin to help you consider the role that supply chains play in supporting society from a range of different perspectives. In doing so the logic for the structure of the rest of the course should become apparent.

What will learners be able to do differently at the end this week?

At the end of this week I hope that you are able to begin to think about the supply chains that are behind the products and services that you use, and consider the impact on the supply chain of the decisions that you make.

How is the week structured?

Three core topics are explored this week. We begin by looking at alternative definitions of the supply chain and its link to supply chain management. The importance of supply chains is discussed from a range of different perspectives before we consider its role in society. The week ends with the launch of the ‘cohort’ challenge and a check your understanding test.

How would I like learners to engage?

Please do engage in the discussions and don’t feel afraid to share your views. The term supply chain is particularly ambiguous. I am very interested to understand what the term supply chain means to you and the types of supply chain decisions that you make personally and professionally.

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