Our role in the supply chain: Where do you fit in?

Have you ever thought of your role in the supply chain? Are you a consumer of a myriad of products? Does your job connect you with the supply chain in a different way?

Have you ever thought of your role in the supply chain

Given the lack of consensual definition by academics and practitioners regarding the terms supply chain and supply chain management, inspired by the Mediasmith project we developed a web based platform to crowd source supply chain stories.

We called it ‘my chain reaction’ as each and every one of us creates a supply chain reaction with every purchasing decision that we make.

Please visit mychainreaction.co.uk and explore my friend Kate’s supply chain for home-made honeycomb ice-cream and the story map. It is great to see the diversity of stories, and the different motivations for posting.

Talking point

  • Please take the time to consider where you fit in and follow the instructions to add your own supply chain story.

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