Remaking office furniture: Rype Office

While ownership may still be favoured for some items such as a classic car, guitar or teddy bear, companies and individuals may readily lease functional products such as washing machines or power tools.

Office furniture is also ripe for such disruption, and UK company Rype Office is leading the way in changing how companies think about their furnishings. Rype Office is changing how companies think about their office furnishings.

Three options are available to customers;

  1. purchase new furniture and return it in a buy-back scheme
  2. purchase remade furniture from existing feedstock, or
  3. have existing furnishings refreshed and returned to an as-new condition.

Watch the following video that presents Rype Office and its Remaking Office furniture activities

Remaking Office furniture: the Rype Office Case Study - Dr Greg Lavery YouTube: Remaking Office furniture: the Rype Office Case Study - Dr Greg Lavery

Note: you don’t have to watch the whole 23 minutes of the above video, but we do recommend you watch the section between 09:50 and 14:15 for the important information that is relevant to this course. If you are interested in learning more, then the whole video will be of use for both background information and further insight into the refurbished furniture industry.

Talking point

  • What are the key elements of the value proposition of the company?
  • What are the savings the company managed to achieve in terms of production costs and environmental impact?

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