Welcome to Week 4

Welcome to week 4, the final week of How to Survive on Earth- Energy Materials for a Sustainable Future.

So far in the course, we have discussed the potential of developing better energy materials to be able to use the sun’s free energy to power the planet, just like plants have been doing for millions of years.

Now we are trying to develop new energy materials to allow us to survive on earth sustainably, because the ones that we take out of the ground at present - coal, oil, and gas, are threatening our ability to survive on the planet.

When looking towards the future, and how we could survive on earth utilising materials, there are a number of topics we need to consider, including:

  • How much should we mimic nature?
  • Can we ‘personalise energy’ for ourselves and our homes?
  • Should we maintain large scale energy infrastructures in our cities, countries or continents?

This week we will begin to tackle these massive questions.

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How to Survive on Earth: Energy Materials for a Sustainable Future

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