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Soil and Agriculture

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In this course we have explored sustainable food production in a changing environment. The food system is challenged by a range of environmental, biological and chemical threats. We took a closer look at examples of some of the emerging concerns including natural toxins, heavy metals, veterinary drugs and food pathogens that can accumulate through the food chain. We also discussed some of the control systems and analytical methods which exist in order to ensure our food is free from these contaminants and produced sustainably and ethically. This is such a wide and varied topic it is impossible to cover all the issues relating to the subject but we hoped you gained some valuable insight into the challenges which exist in the food production system and the work being done to help ensure the safety of our food under a changing environment.

We would like to thank all of you for your participation, comments, and responses. It has been great to share the journey with you and your fellow learners as we explored sustainable food production in a changing environment. We hope that you enjoyed your time learning with us and achieved your learning objectives.

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