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This course examines the challenges associated with getting people to think beyond compliance and the traditional role of human resource management. HR has traditionally not been linked to sustainability, but the concept of green HR is an innovative way to think about how green HR functions can assist organisations to make transformational change. For many organisations the ability to become ‘responsibly sustainable’ requires thinking beyond a ‘business as usual’ mindset and to start thinking about the wider impact that the business has on people and planet.

The fundamental role of a sustainable business is to benefit society through the provision of products and services that do no damage to the humans and the environment associated with production and provision of goods and services.

Questions posed at the beginning of this course include: What provides business with the motivation to change to become sustainable businesses? And, will businesses ever aim as hard for triple top line as they do for the triple bottom line?

This course has examined the critical role of HR in organisations and has positioned HR as a central element to assist the organisation on its journey toward becoming responsibly sustainable. The concept of green HR offers a new perspective on the role of HR and sustainability.

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