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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds Hello, I’m Sarah Greenaway. I’m founder of the ethical jewellery brand, Mosami, and an ethical brand consultant. I’ll be guiding you through building your brand. Now that you’ve spent some time thinking about your personal and business values and what makes your customers tick, I want to talk to you about brand purpose, and why it’s so vital. What’s your dream? Better for the environment, better for the people who you work with, better for society, or something else? Whatever it is, this is a mission that ignites your passion enough to keep you fighting and overcoming obstacles that relentlessly appear in your path.

Skip to 0 minutes and 40 seconds But whilst your mission can make business challenging, it’s also the treasure that can make your business shine brighter than any other. Because the future of business is about profit and purpose. Business that’s only for profit must change, or it will fade away.

What is brand purpose?

In a world that’s beginning to question the sustainability of the modern consumerist model, intelligent brands must evolve to remain relevant.

Early adopter ‘anti-consumers’ are looking for brands that take responsibility for their impact, and the millenial generation have a completely different take on life to their Baby Boomer parents, with an expectation that businesses make a contribution to global society, thus making responsible business a long term ‘macro trend’. Responding to this environment, leader brands are increasingly considering brand purpose.

Watch this video to learn more about developing your brand purpose.

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